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Denmark, the little nation in the North of Europe, is well-known for Carlsberg, Legoland and the Little Mermaid. Did you understand these little recognized realities?

Location And Weather condition

In Denmark, it rains every second day. Usually, a year has 171 days with a precipitation of more than 0.1 mm). In 2007, nevertheless, there were 188 days of precipitation.

There is generally a vigorous breeze blowing in Denmark; the typical wind speed is 7.6 m/sec.

In a year, the typical temperature level changes from 0 ° C in January to 16 ° C in August.

The Kingdom of Denmark includes, besides Denmark, the self-governing locations of Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

The ice totally free part of Greenland is nearly 10 times larger than Denmark.

The Danish countryside is rather flat. The highest point is 180 metres above sea level.

Denmark borders with just one country, Germany.

If you purchase a boat in Copenhagen and cruise to the closest shore on the other side of the water, you get here in Sweden.

The Danes

The 5.48 million Danes make up just about 0.8 per countless the earth's population of 6.7 billion individuals. In the early 1900s the Danes comprised 1.5 per thousand so, in relative terms, the Danes have actually become fewer.

Danish ladies are on typical nearly 29 years of ages when they bring to life their very first child. This Website link is an increase of more than five years because 1970 when ladies were almost 24 years old when delivering for the very first time.

Danish kids and children spend several years in school. A child who starts nursery school today will typically invest 16-17 years studying prior to attaining the final test certificate.

Lars Ulrich of Metallica was born in Denmark.

The Great Danes pet type most likely did not originate from Denmark, but from Germany.

Danish Culture

Only 3 Danish movies have actually sold more than one million tickets.

The Danish alphabet has three letters not discovered in the English alphabet: Æ, Ø, and Å. All three are vowels, and they follow the letter Z in the Danish alphabet.

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art was the Danes' preferred museum in 2007 with 468,000 visitors.

The Danes love quality food. This makes this small nation the fifth largest exporter of food worldwide.

A typical Dane travels 13,600 km a year. 43% of all Danes own a car.

The click here Danes sent 42 million MMS messages in 2007.

Dublin in Ireland was an essential Viking trading.

Place names in the UK ending in -by (Whitby) and -thorpe (Scunthorpe) were Viking settlements.

The Danish monarchy has existed for over a thousand years.


In the last ten years the typical earnings have actually increased by 44 per cent. During the exact same period, costs have increased by only 25 per cent leading to a considerably greater purchasing power.

Small and medium-sized companies (77% of the Danish companies employ less than 50 people) control the Danish company community.

Denmark has 298,000 active enterprises, which represents nearly one business per every tenDanes on the labour market.

Danish farms are the house of more than 13 million pigs. The bulk of the pigs are kept in Jutland, while the staying number is dispersed in between Funen, Zealand and other islands.